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Confirmation is:

  • The culmination of formal Jewish learning and a new beginning.
  • A time of sharing life events with my peers
  • A gathering held with a group of people from the congregation to celebrate our Jewish studies.
  • A class that provides post Bar/Bat Mitzvah students with a collaborative learning experience regarding Jewish studies.

Confirmation at Temple Israel means:

  • Celebrating Jewish life in the Temple community.
  • Celebrating with those who you know and can enjoy the service in a comforting surrounding.
  • A new start, a celebration of community.
  • Strengthening one's connection with Judaism and its customs and practices.

A Confirmation service teaches a community that:

  • Jewish learning is a lifelong endeavor.
  • Judaism should be a way of life, not something limited to a couple of days a year.
  • We are heading off to college with a strong background in our religion, having been introduced to both the language and the culture in the past twelve years as involved members of Temple Israel.
  • Everyone is exactly where they are supposed to be!


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