Last updated on 7/21/2018.  Welcome to Temple Israel of Dover, NH.  


Temple Israel - Dover, NH


Shalom!  Welcome to the website of Temple Israel of Dover, New Hampshire.

The Board of Trustees and the Congregation are sad to report that the Temple Israel of Dover synagogue closed its doors on June 30, 2018, ending eighty years of service to the Dover and surrounding communities. The reasons were both demographic and economic. These are interrelated. Even with reduced spending and part-time clergy, we just couldn’t break even with the largely static number of members that we have had in recent years. Here are some important details.

  • Plans have been made for reunification with Temple Israel of Portsmouth.  As a little background, in 1938 Temple Israel of Dover was formed by former members of Temple Israel of Portsmouth. Now, the Temple Israel-Dover Board of Trustees is executing a “reunification” plan by recommending that its current members affiliate with Temple Israel-Portsmouth, thus creating a larger Jewish community on NH's seacoast. Many of Temple Israel-Dover’s historical and religious artifacts have been moved to Temple Israel-Portsmouth. For further information on Temple Israel-Portsmouth, please go to
  • Our building has been sold to Honey Tree Learning Center and we will be out by July 31.  Any building-related forward-looking bills, contract renewals or correspondence should be sent to Honey Tree at 36 Oliver Meadow Lane, Dover, NH 03820.
  • Our telephone has been disconnected.  Any communication must be via U.S. Mail or email, as described below.
  • All outstanding bills for Temple Israel should be sent to P.O. Box 254, Dover, NH 03821 or emailed to by July 31.
  • This website will remain in place at least through the end of September.
  • U.S. Mail will continue to be received at P.O. Box 254, Dover, NH 03821 until the affairs of the temple have been completed.

No doubt, you may have many questions. We’ve attempted to answer many of them here: click here for the PDF.

In addition, click here for our press release.

Please send U.S. Mail to P.O. Box 254, Dover, NH 03821